Residencies, Retreats and Mentoring

Residencies at the Oceanallover Creation Space

Creating Visual Poetry

Alexander Rigg and Oceanallover offer you the opportunity to develop your professional practice and actively challenge your own working patterns. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Details here of unique mentored residencies as they become available.

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What we offer:


We provide mentor-led residencies for groups of up to six artists. These mentored processes can also be booked as one-to-one residencies, or as a block booking for your own company. Our mentored residencies make use of the whole creation space in our beautiful rural location.
Our artist-led residencies offer an alternative approach to Fine-Art Performance. We offer you the opportunity to question the underlying philosophies and methodologies that drive us to make Art.

What does this mean?
Fine-Art is term that encompasses a wide range of techniques and approaches to the creation and presentation of art. We are offering a similarly broad canvass for you that encompasses performance-based work and writing to try out your ideas upon. We offer a broad Fine-Art approach to the process of creating work, with specific guidance in:

Devising movement-based work – discovering what it is you want to say.
Designing and making costume – an alternative approach; costume as sculpture.
Writing for performance – the relationship between word and action.
Building larger structures in steel, timber and willow – how to create at scale.
Creating music for performance – the relationship between sound, word and dance.

You can book our entire creation space individually and we offer one-to-one tuition, mentoring and technical support as required.

Artist Retreats

We also offer residencies with technical support only, or as reflective time only as you require.

Our Studios:

The sewing studio is a dedicated costume-making space and can accommodate one artist at a time, or a close team of two.

Our larger studio is multipurpose and is excellent for small groups of up to six.

Booking your time with us:

Retreats and Group Bookings

Our studios can be made available to you exclusively if required.
Please contact Alex Rigg – to enquire about availability and to arrange a conversation about your ideas and needs.
We are taking bookings for studio time for periods from October 2024 onwards. you can book our creation space for a minimum of two consecutive days and a maximum of fourteen.
Costs for your booking will depend on the level of support that you require from us.

Mentor-led Residencies

**Our next available residency is the 23rd to the 27th of September and focuses on costume for performers. It offers a unique insight into the intrinsic links between what you wear and how you behave. This week is designed for movers and makers. You can come as an individual, or as a mover-maker collaboration. The residency will be led by company director Alex Rigg with guest mentors in music for performance, as well as offering some insight into funding for freelance artists.
Our programme is designed to help professional artists and will offer a ‘Fine-Art’ approach to the creation of live work. Each day will look at a different aspect of the creation process and allows you to make a fresh approach to the devising and realising of work.


Oceanallover Studio
Oceanallover studio space

Additional information

Individual Mentor-led Residencies

You can book individual residencies to work with Alex, or other specialists from the team who can lead on movement, sound, design, writing and delivery. Please contact us on to discuss your requirements and for pricing.

Group Bookings

You can book mentored residencies or residencies with technical support only. Mimum period two days and maximum fourteen.

Artist Retreats

You can hire our creation space for yourself or small group for up to fourteen days. Please contact us on to discuss your requirements and for pricing.

Mentor-led Residency

Our first mentor-led residency in 2024 will be from the 23rd to the 27th of September. Places are limited to six and you will be required to pay a small application fee (£10) to ensure that you give it your full focus and to help with the admin costs of processing. The residency includes accomodation and food, but not transport costs. Our fee is £700 for the week. Please contact us on to apply.