Oceanallover is a site-specific theatre Arts Company representing the work of Artistic Director Alex Rigg. 

"Visceral performance, unique costumes and one-of-a-kind ideas"

Alex Rigg has been making live events since 1982. These have taken a number of forms and been shown in several different countries. If there is a common thread to the style and content of these events then it must be a strong need to push boundaries around, to set foot on unknown soil and generally to play with our concepts of art outside its accepted form. He trained as an archaeological illustrator, drystone dyker, blacksmith, fine-artist, dancer, timber-framer and costume maker/designer. His performance work, has been shown in many countries and to many kinds of people. His approach is off-beat and either enigmatic or impenetrable…… decide for yourself.

 He has worked with, for and alongside many leading creative artists and companies in Scotland. Alex runs a collaborative performance company called Oceanallover whose main preoccupation is to take imaginative and poetic work out into the world using a performance style borrowed from many influences and genres, making reference to film, literature and popular culture. The subject matter of the work is often linked to global and philosophical concerns and encourages its audience to look harder at who and what they are.

We accept commissions to design and make costume and stage sets and are always open to collaborative proposals