Ecdysis Cloth Book


This book of thirty two hand-printed pages is one of six, limited edition prints made for our Ecdysis project by Alex Rigg. The book is made of leather, wax-cotton and linen.

The book is for sale at £1,200, and individual pages are for sale at £100 each. Please contact us for more information about specific pages.

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Ecdysis Cloth Book

This book contains screen-printed poems and drawings form the Ecdysis (In Vivo) perfromances. There are thirty two pages of linen-cotton canvas, bound with leather. This is a unique object……. the only one of its kind!



At the battle of Camlan danced father and son;
knotted histories and there to splice
each to the other through blood.
Arthur and Mordred, spoke “Faul” together
and writhed, spoke the words to ward
the charm to disenchant.
A Naeddre, one nadder or anudder,
who is the viper here now?
In congress clenched to spit a stone
and pierce it through the heart.
The boy poisoned by teeth curvaceous
punctured the man, pride bladdered
by an adder, there’s no cord,
no umbilicus man to man and
placentile placations buried
beneath a thorn tree, all curves and points.
The death of Arthur Pendragon,
more deadder than Mordred;
flying like a snake, a sloughed coat,
naked and scaled,
a small rivulet of red between heather roots.