The Self Assembled

dancer in costume
Laini Chrismas in Bellmouth Papercone

The Self Assembled is a dressing-up event. An evening of eating, drinking, dressing-up, watching, discussing, discoursing, dancing, listening and experiencing this celebratory event should not be missed!!

We invite you to an evening of music, costume and dance from several years of Oceanallover shows.

What would you give to be there???

If you would like Oceanallover to bring The Self Assembled to you, drop us a line.



Costume is available for purchase or use by anyone with an interesting idea as to how they might be shown. 

The evening will also include a DJ set from leading Electronic Music Producers.

The Self Assembled is a unique moment in the particular, peculiar and creative life of Tracy Alexander Rigg and his marvellously talented friends.

Times and details of how to engage with the project will be released in advance of each event and will include the possibility of bidding for specific costume.

We will be publishing a catalogue of costumes both past and present, along with waxed-cotton prints of drawings, vinyl albums and poetry.

Alex is making a limited edition of six cloth books of drawings for the event, screen-printed onto linen by Sarah Keast.