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Wynden Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Lost Supper POLLEN


Wynden Drawing


“There is a tree – not, it is true, common and from this tree leaves are falling; upon one side they strike the water and slowly turn into fishes, upon the other they strike the land and turn into birds.”



Helix Day Helix Day


Continuing the POLLEN project into new realms, Wynden is a large sculptural intervention that invites audience and public into a physical and emotional action.

It is a metaphore for the journies that we all make during our own life-times and a symbol for hope and regeneration through constant change.

The limbs, leaves, roots and fruit of the tree are all represented through costume music and dance.


WYNDEN was supported in creation by UzArts and InSitu.



not common, rarely seen,
not ever, this tree.

leaf drop, acid fruit
burns the ground, to life.

burned alive, ashes up
your quaking bones

shake down and cut
razor sides grow legs

run the ragged, run
burn now, at the edge

this tree holds up
more than dreams and sky

this tree not common,
rarely seen, and why

there is none other, this tree
grows legs,
grows you.



This project has been made possible by our POLLEN team and you can read more about the POLLEN project here:



Un-Looking Polleniser Polleniser Bellmouth Papercone sea hames on tenterhooks
Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone
Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN Sporopollen Sporopollen The Lost Supper POLLEN not to scale
Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone





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