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 Transfigured - Oceanallover


A Short Promotional Film



Transfigured at Kelburn Garden Party - photography by Jethro.optical


The glow of the sunrise transfigured the whole landscape: transformed, changed, altered, converted, metamorphosed, varied, modified, transmuted, mutated; rearranged, reshaped, remodeled, reconstructed, recast, rebuilt, reorganized, renewed, revolutionized; transmogrified………..

The world is made luminous and is Transfigured.

Transfigured is a sounding together of all things, a diapason, a cacophony of understanding. Performers and audience step across the threshold of knowledge, step out into the world together. In the year 2002 a pack of cards was thrown from a car window and over a hedge. The pack burst open in the air and the cards were scattered across the landscape. Some of the cards landed face up. The hand dealt on that day has moved out and forwards into this moment. They have become manifest. They have something to say. Pick a card, any card..............

Transfigured draws inspiration from the work of Surrealist Artist Leonora Carrington who believed in the ability of Art to provide a transformative experience and as a vehicle with which to discuss to possibility of new ways to see the world. This is a process of change, of moving from one state into another. Performers and audience will be invited to travel together through a transformative experience. Each person is a collection of possibilities and every moment lived allows one or more of those possibilities to exist.

Transfigured is an Oceanallover project. As with all of our work this is a collaborative process with input from many different people. We will be showing this work at Surge Festival, Glasgow; Kelburn Festival, Ayrshire; Kirkudbright Arts Festival, Dumfries and Galloway; Dance Base, Edinburgh; Manipulate, Edinburgh and more......


Queen of Sorts

Climbing growth of eel hair,
I am alive to fortune's music,
Blasting calls of mayhem;
Full bodied, blooded, aware.

Throw down your bones, brother,
Your flesh and grey matters;
Submit to fierce intent -
I am donor, surgeon, lover.

My sword is a moment
Of change cut clean away,
A flower will open for you
Giving truth, belief, assent.

The prophetess encased
By zephyr winds of change
Will travel here to find you
And bring your dream's release.

(Alex Rigg 2019)

Transfigured at Dance Bace

Photo - Brian Hartley

Transfigured - Dougie's Hand


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Transfigured - Oceanallover

photo - Ken Davidson


Design and Direction:

Alex Rigg

The Team:

Collaborative Artists - Joey Sanderson, Lewis Sherlock, Laini Chrismas,
Philip Alexander Macdonald, Jen Cunningham, Dylan Read, Guy Veale,
Breezy Elthalion, Richard Merchant, Catherine Carter, Anders Rigg, Anna Porukansky, Isidora Bouziouri, Fionnuala Dorrity

Production Management - Guy Veale

Making Team - Alex Rigg, Hilary Ross, Laini Chrismas,
Sarah Keast

Other Collaborative Artists and Thinkers -


Surge, Glasgow
Kircudbright Arts Festival
UZArts & Kelburn Festival
Dance Base, Edinburgh
Crawick Artland Trust
Manipulate Festival
Creative Scotland

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