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Along with with the processes of theatre and site-specific projects Alex Rigg creates many three-dimensional objects. He studied sculpture in Glasgow and Belfast Art Colleges and has worked professionally as Blacksmith and Drystane Dyker. Here are some examples from recent years of his work in a variety of materials. All of the objects shown here were made as commissions and most of them were used as part of a particular event. Making objects is an important part of Oceanallover and provides a visceral link between physical reality and philisophical ideas. Theses bigger projects are fequently collaborative, some of the large willow structures are made with Trevor Leat and together they have been making big structures for over twenty years.


A Language of Other Archer
Bench Cruck frame
Fenrir Birdman
Minataur Glasgow Man
Frame Greencat Frame
Round House Red Kite Board
Sturgeon Red Kite Board
Tam o Shanter Round House





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