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Un-Looking Polleniser Polleniser Bellmouth Papercone sea hames on tenterhooks
Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone
Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN Sporopollen Sporopollen The Lost Supper POLLEN not to scale
Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone



Projects from 1992 until 2011


Alex Rigg has been making live events since 1982. These have taken a number of forms and been shown in several different countries. If there is a common thread to the style and content of these events then it must be a strong need to push boundaries around, to set foot on unknown soil and generally to play with our concepts of art outside its accepted form. This process could be described as running away from art as fast as possible in a circle in order to catch up with it from behind; an ideological dog-fight, bearing down upon an unsuspecting idea with the sun in its eye.............. or perhaps not.

However, the physical reality of these moments in time are based on a reaction to the given location and the viewing public. The audience are often as surprised as the performers to find themselves in the middle of something odd, and this element of surprise certainly helps to give the work an edge. The size of the cast and the complexity of the presentation is also governed by the location.

Most of these events have involved the collaboration of several people and I will give a list of all the people shown here, although not necessarily in the order shown. I am honoured to have worked with all of them and look forward to many more such joint endeavours. It seems that art is an act of passion and a process of persistence. Time being the greatest test of all things it will be interesting to see how many of these events are remembered by those who were there.

Oceanallover is the current title for a body of work whose overall shape is unknown; the name may change and the ideas will continue to develop, but the rigour and energy must be sustained if the art is to have any emotional value. Alex made a series of workshops for Dance Base and Dance House some years ago that he called Emotional Landscapes, a title which is still very close to the heart of the matter.


Archive Images:

A-Language-of-Others A-Language-of-Others2 A-Language-of-Others3 Beat-any-price Botanical Botanical2 Botanical3 Botanical4 Botanical5 Botanical6 Botanical7 Bread Cityspace Death-and-the-Maiden Everything-and-Nothing Featheremammy1 Featheremammy2 Featheremammy3 Featheremammy4 Gardening Goma1 Goma2 Goma3 Goma4 Goma5 Goma6 Goma7 Goma8 Goma9 Goma10 In-No-Mind Love-in-a-Box Morris-Dancers Morris-Dancers2 Morris-Dancers3 Nation otterman Painful-Creatures Peebles Port-Glasgow Port-Glasgow2 Port-Glasgow3 Presov1 Presov2 Presov3 Sonorous-Bodies Supernaught Surfacemen Wynden2 Yararacasu Yararacasu2 Yararacasu3 Yararacasu4 Yellowman


Cast List: -

Clyde Melville-Bain; Dawn Hartley; Brian Hartley; Quee McArthur; Joey Sanderson; Laini Chismas; Tom Morey; Florencia García Chafuén, Judith Milligan; Dick Lee; Nicky Spence; Marion Kenny; Anders Rigg; Oliver Rigg; Michaela Rowan; Jamie Burroughs; Greg White; Derrek Spence; Mark Hawker; Sarah Jean Couzens; Doug Hudson; Chimp; JD Caillouet; Rona Simpson; John Cobban; Jamie Armstrong; Andy Cook; Guy Nicholson; Martin Green; Vale of Athol Pipe Band; William Sweeny; Niel McArthur; Gus Ferguson; Cappella Nova; Jane Simpson; Karen Anderson;Rob Welsh; Pamela Drynan; Emma Preston; Renata Hopkins; Trevor Leat; Lorne Coweison; Kirsty Potts; Simon Van de Walt; Neil Thomson; Michael Magg; Roxanne.........

These projects have also recieved a great deal of support form venues, producers, friends and family. Thank you to all of you.

Special thanks to:

Morag Deyes, Cathie Boyd; Rona MacDonald; Lindsay John; DGAA; The Scottish Arts Council and Creative Scotland; Glasgow City Council; Goma; Tramway; Jerry Loose; Dance House; The Arches; Jackie Wylie; UZ; Robin Rigg - Slovak Wildlife Society; SSA; Lys Hansen; Mary Brennan;

Special Appologies to:

Anyone that I have forgotten to mention.




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