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Polleniser Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen


Polleniser - Ingrid Mur

Photograph - Ingrid Mur



Polleniser is an accumulative development of the Pollen project, inspired by the migration of spores and pollen across the landscape. This variant stems from plant species that contain blue pigment within the chemical structure of their leaves. The physical forms of the plants and the creative uses of the pigment that they contain provide a basis for an abstracted tale of discovery and loss. Design concepts were drawn from the use of flax and blue pigment in global cultures, with a particular emphasis on the styles and prin patterns found in Slovak Blue techniques.

The performers are carried through the event like airborne plankton, swirling and dancing the repeating actions of a ceaseless narrative. Polleniser progresses through places and bodies, animated through performance, costume and music. The project passed through Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dumfries, Falkirk, Dunbar, Balloch and Budapest.


Here is a link to an album released on Bandcamp in December 2014 as a document of our POLLEN and Polleniser projects:




Slides here photographed by Buzzcut, Tamas Lokey, Ingrid Mur and Florencia Garcia Chafuen


Our Team

This is a project that is only possible with the help and collaboration of many people and so thank you very much to all of you!


Alison Robert; Elsa Rose Wood-Gee; Florencia García Chafuén; Alex Rigg


Tara Hodgson; Laini Chrismas; Lewis Sherlock; Judith Milligan; Ashlee; Lina Limosani; Aaron Jeffries; Alex Rigg


Cello, Double Bass & Vocals - Joel Sanderson

Samson Sound - Anders Rigg

Trombone - Roger Marsh

Electronic Interventions - Guy Veale


Project Management - Alex Rigg & Guy Veale

Production in Hungary - Tamas Lokey

Design and Direction:

Alex Rigg



Creative Scotland
Tamas Lokey
Buzzcut Festival
Soundthoughts Festival
Conflux Scotland
Dumfries Arts Festival
Slovak Willife Society









Un-Looking Polleniser Polleniser Bellmouth Papercone sea hames on tenterhooks
Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone
Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN Sporopollen Sporopollen The Lost Supper POLLEN not to scale
Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone









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