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The Lost Supper


In the year 1791 Robert Burns invited a few notorious figures from around the world to come to supper; some time later they arrived in Scotland.

Katherine the Younger

The Lost Book, with photographs by Florencia Gacía Chafuén
can be read on PDF from this link or per chased from Blurb at the second link:

The Lost Book - (9.4mb) PDF to preview now or buy the book at

The Lost Supper -

And Another Thing!!! Some most marvelous music from the project by Joel Sanderson and the Lost Quartet at the click of your mouse:

The Lost Quartet


First on the scene was the Marquis De Sade, newly liberated from the Bastille by citizens of the French Revolution.He can be seen here in Dumfries on Burn's Night 2012, accompanied by a Citizen of the revolution. He was closely followed by William Blake and Katherine the Great. Later on the scene were Mozart, Mary Woolstonecraft and Benjamin Franklin. Additional visitors seem to have drifted through this hole in the space-time continuum, most noteably the Abbe Coulmier, De Sade's gaoler until his death and Charles Renee Mackintosh. Charles found our other guests wandering the streets of Glasgow and invited them to teach for a day at his recently completed School on Scotland Street. Also seen briefly was the lovely Samantha, pianist to the Stove under the direction of WA Mozart;this visitation was an intervention at the In-Between conference in Dumfries.

The Lost Supper is a collaboration between Oceanallover, Mischeif La-Bas and Mark Zygadlo.
The guests have been arriving over twelve months and were seen all together for Burn's Night 2013.
Of course, Mr Burns has forgotten all about it and is otherwise engaged...................

Disclosed below in various attitudes of repose and articulation are the aforementioned items as portrayed by various artists of the lens:

Alan McAteer, Rudi Zygadlo, Florencia Garcia Chafuen, Mark Zygadlo and Sarah Bain




Herewith be an link to Vimeo and a lost soul, please click upon the very words:

The Marquis De Sade in Search of Supper


Also some rare footage of William Blake Lost in Scotland here:

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Film by Florencia Garcia Chafuen


The Lost Supper is based on a concept by Mark Zygadlo and directed by Ian Smith and Alex Rigg for Oceanallover.
The costumes are designed by Alex Rigg.

The performers are:

Ian Smith; Florencia Garcia Chafuen; Callum Beaton; Liz Rankin; Joel Sanderson; Judith Milligan; Mark Zygadlo; Roger Marsh; Alex Rigg

Additional Music:

The Joel Sanderson Quartet
The Kate Young Band


The Lost Supper and Oceanallover are very grateful for the support of The Stove Project, Dance Base, Scotland Street School Museum, Summerhall, Conflux, Scottish Opera Wardrobe Department for invaluable advise, The Stravaigin Restaurant, The Globe, the Big Burns Supper and many other helping hands.

Creative Scotland


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