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Timber Frame, Auchenstroan


The structures shown here were built by Alex Rigg using green timber and traditional framing techniques. Much of the timber was sourced through McConnel Wood Products in Penpont and was often chosen from trees grown in Scotland. The majority of the frames are in oak for longevity and for the beautiful look of the material. Designs requiring curves are selected from trees that have grown with a curve in them.

These structures are physically heavy to move around during the making process and involve a very particular form of carpentry. It is essential that the making of the frames be a collaborative event involving several specialists. Friends working on these frames so far have been Jimmy Sutherland, master sawyer; Archie McConnel, timber merchant; Mark Zygadlo, timber specialist and craftsman; Callum Muirhead, joiner; Gordon Black, joiner; George Crump, stone mason; and Greg Ivitsky, joiner/builder.

The design of each frame is arrived at through collaboration between future owner, artist and engineer. Most of the structures shown here were drawn initially by Alex and modified to meet with building standards and site requirements. Alex studied sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art and at the University of Ulster as well as having thiry years of practical experience of building large-scale structures in timber, steel and stone.

Oceanallover are interested to discuss any ideas with you that you may have for the construction of a timber structure so please contact us at this e-mail address:-





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