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Bellmouth Papercone


Lost Supper POLLEN Wynden Sporopollen Wynden Un-Looking Polleniser Lost Supper POLLEN A Divine Image

Cruelty has a human Heart,
And Jealousy a human face;
Terror the human form divine,
And secrecy the human dress.

The human dress is forg├ęd iron,
The human form a fiery forge,
The human face a furnace seal'd,
The human heart its hungry gorge.

William Blake

Bellmouth Paperconer

Bellmouth is a conversation between form sound and action, each element providing a point of inspiration.

Bellmouth Papercone

Crawick Multiverse - photographs by Fiona Wiloughby

Bellmouth Papercone

EAFS - photograph By Brian Hartley

Bellmouth Papercone

Christchurch Arts Festival NZ - New Brighton

Eel Mother


Sonorous Place

Listening and speaking
I've tried so hard,
I,m trying still

Conversion of form or
Reversal of waves,
A through flow

Noise nonsense
Stut-uttering comprehensive

Where coloured sound
Enamorates or vitalises
A decaying mind

Skeletal shifts of
agitated ossicles
In rictus dancing

Do not forsake me,
Oh my darling,
My darling wave

Raise me high between
Liquid and gaseous humours
Into a sonorous peace.
Chorus where required-

A skylark above the hill sings
Of what it sees and what it hopes;
Amongst bracken I wish for wings
And a clear, mellifluous throat.

Alex Rigg 2015

Bellmouth Papercone has arisen froma marvellously exciting series of collaborative events with a very inspiring team. Great thanks to Charles Jenks and Duke Richard Buccleuch for inviting and supporting the work at its inception. Also thanks to The team at the Christchurch Arts Festival and to Craig Cooper for trusting us to envigorate their opening event. Thanks also to the Glasgow School of Art Student Union for the opportunity to grow this work on them first, to the environmental Arts Festival Scotland team for continued support and inspiration, the Sanctuary (Dark Outside) crew too for a winderful opportunity and finally to UZArts for a chance to present at teh Galashans Festival.


Our Team

Thank you so much all!!

Cast - Laini Chrismas; Jen Farmer; Judith Milligan; Florencia Garcia Chafuen; Lewis Sherlock; Tara Hodgson; Fionnuala Dorrity; Aaron Jeffries; Al Seed

Musicians - Joel Sanderson; Guy Veale; Anders Rigg; Richard Merchant; Michael Meyer

Additional Music - Sanquar Silver Band; Upper Nithsdale Pipe Band; Orkestra Del Sol; ; Chris Reddington Band

Additional Performers - Physical Theatre Scotland; Kata Juhasz Company

Costume and Management - Alison Roberts; Florencia Garcia Chafuen; Sarah Jean Couzens; A' The Airts Sanquahar; Tamas Loky



Project Management - Alex Rigg & Guy Veale

Design and Direction:

Alex Rigg


Creative Scotland
The Crawick Artland
Christchurch Arts Festival
Glasgow School of Art





Un-Looking Polleniser Polleniser Bellmouth Papercone sea hames on tenterhooks
Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone
Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden Wynden POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN POLLEN Sporopollen Sporopollen The Lost Supper POLLEN not to scale
Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone






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oceanallover Wynden Bellmouth Papercone